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We believe that our participants' days should be filled with meaningful activities from the moment they walk in the door. With a wide variety of availalble activities, we are able to encourage mental and physical engagement throughout the day.

Caregivers report that a structured day filled with purposeful activities leads to a calmer evening for the participants. They are likely to sleep better, wander less, and feel more content. Our activities vary from day to day, and are tailored - as much as possible - for the individuals involved, but many of our activities fall into the categories below.

Music Therapy

Our full-time Music Therapist spends time with all our participants in small and large group settings. Music can soothe the soul, energize the body, and bring to the surface memories and emotions that would otherwise not be expressed.


Each of our participants sets a "laps goal" and aims to complete that many laps around our large gathering room each day. Morning stretching and sit-down exercises in the afternoon also keep the body moving. In all of our exercise initiatives, we strive to improve overall strength and stamina and keep individuals as active as possible. Exercise also helps to improve balance and decrease the risk of dangerous falls both at home and at ACCC.

Creative Endeavors

Our participants have nurtured many hobbies over their lifetimes and our staff is eager to find ways to exercise those abilities or cultivate new ones. Our participants enjoy making soap, baking, building crafts like birdhouses, painting ceramics, and decorating brilliantly colored pictures.


Trivia games that focus on days gone by link people by tapping into shared experiences. Stories of childhood, marriage, the war, parenting, and leisure pursuits are accessible to everyone. Several staff members are certified in Timeslips, a method of using memory and creativity to write creative stories with senior adults.

Adapted Indoor Sports

Games like golf, bowling, and basketball might seem a bit too strenuous for some of our more frail individuals, but our modified games are perfect for everyone. Other favorite indoor games include Casino Downs and Pool Noodle Volleyball.

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