What Would You Like to Know?

Who attends?


Will you take someone in a wheelchair?
Yes. Many of our participants use wheelchairs either all the time, or just for long distances. Our staff are trained in transferring people to and from wheelchairs and caring for the specific needs of those who use them.

Sometimes, my wife is incontinent. Can she still come?
Yes! Our staff are trained in sensitive personal care assistance for those who need help. We ask that you bring your own supplies, as needed by your loved one

My dad has a lot of diet restrictions. How will you handle that?
Our kitchen staff are able to accomodate most diet restrictions. Pureed meals, chopped meals, low salt meals, and diabetic meals are prepared in addition to house meals each day. Personal preferences and allergies are also accomodated.

Dad has a hard time communicating. How will the staff understand his needs?
Our staff are trained in a variety of communication methods for a variety of challenges. Nonverbal gestures, prompts, and yes/no questions are some typical alternate ways of communicating. We also ask families to explain how they handle communication at home so we can be consistent with the participant.

Do you care for people who are just a little forgetful but need structure to their day?
Yes! Some of our participants attend for the social aspects, the activity opportunities, and the consistent daily schedule we provide.



What is the day like?

Do the clients get to make friendships with each other?
Yes! Our participants spend all day together in their program areas. They play games together, engage in conversation, tell each other stories from their rich life histories, enjoy musical entertainment together, and form strong relationships over the many hours of shared activities. Since some participants are more reserved, our staff helps to facilitate these relationships.

Is scheduling flexible if Mom has a doctor's appointment or if we have out of town visitors with whom she would like to spend time?
Of course! We ask to have a week's advance notice of schedule changes. We can either switch days or cancel altogether for the missed day.

How will you let me know if you have concerns?
Email and phone are typical methods of communication. Our nurses keep an eye on participants throughout the day, watching for anything unusual or different. Calls to family caregivers are placed when anything seems amiss. In emergency situations, 911 is called.

Mom tends to wander sometimes. How will I know she is safe?
Adult Care of Chester County is a secured facility. The program areas can only be accessed by entering a passcode, a secure number only known by employees. We have ample room for participants to wander while remaining safe inside our main rooms and gated outdoor gardens, during nice weather, while still being under the cautious eyes of our caring staff.



Who provides the care?

Do you know how to care for someone with dementia?
Yes! All staff receive initial and annual training including training on the specific challenges of dementia participants. We recognize the unique needs of participants with dementia and serve them accordingly. In 2010, we earned the status of an Alzheimer's Foundation of America Excellence in Care Dementia Program of Distinction. This was awarded based on our ability to care specifically for participants with varying levels of dementia.

Is staff trained to care for my loved one who has special needs?
Every employee receives 40 hours of initial training, and a minimum of 24 additional hours each year. Topics include various disease processes, potential crisis situations, and skills for working with those with dementia. Staff training in CPR / First Aid and emergency techniques is also available.

My dad needs medications, accuchecks, or regular BP tests done. Can you do that?
Yes. We have nurses present in the building at all times to administer medications, check blood sugar or blood pressure, or provide treatments as prescribed by a physician.

What if my husband gets worse? Can you still care for him?
Due to various levels of care, and our staff of registered nurses available during all operating hours, we are able to care for individuals with any level of need. Exceptions are those who have become bed-bound, those who are a danger to themselves or others, and those who become unable to get to the Center.

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